[RESULT][VOTE] Release Apache Weex (Incubating) 0.20.0 [RC1]

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[RESULT][VOTE] Release Apache Weex (Incubating) 0.20.0 [RC1]

Jonathan Dong
Hi all,

The vote for releasing Apache Weex (Incubating) 0.20.0 [RC1] is closed, now.

Vote result:

+1 (binding) Myrle Krantz
+1 (binding) Gosling Von
+1 (binding) Jean-Baptiste Onofré

+1 (non-binding) Liang Chen
+1 (non-binding) Atri Sharma
+1 (non-binding) Adam Feng

Here is the voting thread:


Thanks everyone for taking the time to review the release.
I’ll continue the following publish procedures.


Jonathan Dong