[RESULT] [VOTE] Release Apache NuttX (Incubating) 9.1.0

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[RESULT] [VOTE] Release Apache NuttX (Incubating) 9.1.0

Brennan Ashton-2
Hi all,

The vote to release Apache NuttX (incubating) 9.1.0-rc2 is now closed.
Thanks to those that took the time to review and vote.

The release has passed with 5 +1 (binding) votes and no 0 or -1 votes.


+1 Justin Mclean
+1 Duo Zhang
+1 Junping
+1 ShaoFeng Shi
+1 Tianqi Chen

+1 Nathan Hartman
+1 Xiang Xiao

Vote thread

We will proceed with the official release of 9.1.0.

Thank you everyone for reviewing this and we hear the comments on the
license headers, we are working through migrating more of them as we
can, and all new contributions are using the ASF Apache 2.0 License


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