[RESULT][VOTE] Release Apache Nemo (Incubating) 0.1

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[RESULT][VOTE] Release Apache Nemo (Incubating) 0.1

Joo Yeon Kim
Hello incubator community,

The vote to release Apache Nemo (Incubating) 0.1 is now closed.
The result is as follows:

7 (+1) binding votes from:
+ Justin Mclean
+ Dave Meikle
+ Davor Bonaci
+ Byung-Gon Chun
+ Mohammad Asif Siddiqui
+ Jean-Baptiste Onofré
+ Liang Chen

and no -1 votes.

Thank you all for the time and effort to review and guide our release.

Apache Nemo (incubating) will now proceed with the release and publish the
approved artifacts.

Happy holidays!

On behalf of the Apache Nemo PPMC,
Joo Yeon Kim