[RESULT] [VOTE] Release Apache NLPCraft (Incubating) 0.6.2

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[RESULT] [VOTE] Release Apache NLPCraft (Incubating) 0.6.2

Aaron Radzinski-2
The vote to release Apache NLPCraft (incubating) 0.6.2 has passed with 3 +1
binding votes.

[3] +1 Binding votes:
- Paul King
- Furkan KAMACI
- Konstantin Boudnik

[ 0 ] +0  Binding votes
[ 0 ] -1  Binding votes

The vote is successful.

Vote thread:

Thank you to the above IPMC members for taking the time to review and
provide guidance on our release!

We will proceed with publishing the approved artifacts and sending out the
appropriate announcements in the coming days.

On behalf of NLPCraft community,
Aaron Radzinski