[RESULT][VOTE] Graduate Apache Atlas Project from Incubator

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[RESULT][VOTE] Graduate Apache Atlas Project from Incubator

Suma Shivaprasad-2
Dear Incubator members,

It has been more that 72 hours since I started this VOTE thread, so I
consider this voting thread as closed. Thanks to incubator members and
mentors for voting.

Here is the result

8 [+1] Votes  ( 5 binding votes , 3 non-binding votes )

Binding Votes:

John D Ament           <[hidden email]> (binding)
Suneel Marthi           <[hidden email]>(binding)
Julian Hyde             <[hidden email]>(binding)
Christopher Douglas     <[hidden email] <[hidden email]>>(binding)
Jean-Baptiste Onofré   <[hidden email]>(binding)

Non-Binding Votes:

Pierre Smits           <[hidden email]>(non-binding)
Balaji Ganesan            <[hidden email]>(non-binding)
Suma Shivaprasad    <[hidden email] <[hidden email]>>(non-binding)

The vote to graduate Atlas from incubator to a TLP has successfully passed

5 +1 binding votes, 3 non-binding
and no 0/-1 votes