Mentors wanted for Apache Hivemall (Incubating)

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Mentors wanted for Apache Hivemall (Incubating)

Makoto Yui-2
Hi community,

The Apache Hivemall project has only two active mentors and looking
for new mentors.

We are very appreciated if anyone would like to be a volunteer to help us.

Here below is the brief information about our project:

Apache Hivemall (incubating) is a scalable machine learning library
for Apache Hive, Spark, and Pig.

• Website:
• Github:
• Teams:
• Last podling report:

Recent talks by our PMC members:
(OSDC europe)
(ApacheCon North America)

We plan to have two more Apache releases in Incubator and willing
graduate Incubator in 2019.

Last but not least, I'm attending ApacheCon North America and give a
talk on Thursday 16:40 at Ballroom. So, it's welcome to join the
session to discuss about mentoring after the talk.


Makoto YUI <myui AT>
Research Engineer, Treasure Data, Inc.

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