[ANNOUNCE] Apache PageSpeed (incubating) released!

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[ANNOUNCE] Apache PageSpeed (incubating) released!

Otto van der Schaaf
The Apache PageSpeed (incubating) community is pleased to announce its
first release:

PageSpeed represents a series of open source technologies to help make
the web faster by rewriting
web pages to reduce latency and bandwidth.

Artifacts from this release are available for download via:

Release notes:
- pagespeed_libraries.conf: add jquery 3.4.1 (#1938)
- Upgrade our re2 dependency to release 2019-07-01 (#1915)
- Support data-srcset in img and amp-img (#1899)
- Add support for specifying a TTL for redis keys (#1854)
- Fix mismatch between decompression and headers (#1785)
- Handle Apache >2.4 mod_authz_host (#1703)
- Redis: Use Redis DB-Index when computing the SystemCache lookup key (#1776)
- libwebp: update from v0.5.1 to v0.6.1 (#1759)
- third party gprc library upgraded to version 1.6.0 (#1747)
- upgrade libpng1.2 to 1.6

ASF PageSpeed (incubating) slack channel:

Otto van der Schaaf, on behalf of the Apache PageSpeed (incubating) community.

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